My Book

Nature’s Power

Nature’s Power is an autobiography cum motivational book about an ordinary boy named Gary Price from East London going on to making it in life using the power of directed thinking, conviction, faith and manifestation. In other words, Nature’s Power. The book reveals there are two ways of working in life, either you work for yourself, or you work against yourself. If you are not working for yourself, you are clearly working against yourself. When you use Nature’s Power, you put your desires out in the world with the mental image clearly and rich of where you want to see yourself in future and go on to manifest it. That is the ultimate way of working for yourself. In contrast, when you live by the negative thoughts that get hardwired into your subconscious from around the age of two, you live against yourself.

Through self-reflection and retrospection on life events, with a focus on childhood and family life, school life, passion for sports, chasing girls, married life and learning of Nature’s power along the way, Gary Price presents a practical manifesto for how you can rise above your hardships and limitations and become the person you always had the potential to be. For those that don’t believe there is a formula for making it work in life, this book is the perfect remedy.