About the author

Gary Price

As a young boy, Gary was dyslexic and bullied for his large ears, had a stutter, asthma, and no one believed in him or his potentials. His life changed when he started writing down how he wanted his life to be and re-read the list every night. In about four years’ time, he had achieved everything he had written down. This was a boy who made £15 a week playing for the renowned football club Chelsea and earned more by doing manure rounds at the farm. This was the man whose first marriage failed, ending in a divorce. The success he achieved in his life, from having made it as a restaurant owner to finding the perfect partner ever, were not coincidences. He made it happen.

To this day, Gary remains the positive-minded joyous soul with the happiness-then health-then money paradigm as the key, in that order. That is the message he preaches, hoping that you get everything you have ever wanted in life.